Whenever I open my internet explorer a message comes up that says Runtime Error.....?

Answer Use Firefox.

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What does runtime error mean in Internet Explorer?

You may occasionally encounter "runtime errors" while using Microsoft's Internet Explorer. What are these errors, and, more important, how do you fix them?InactivitySome websites have a limit on ho... Read More »

How do I repair the Internet Explorer runtime error for abnormal program termination?

Exit any programs you may be running until you are at your desktop. Click the "Start" button and select "Run" if you are using Windows XP. Type "inetcpl.cpl" into the dialog box. Click "Start" and ... Read More »

"Internet Explorer has stopped working" message as soon as I open it!?

open start menu and type in the search boxinternet optionsopen that. go to the advanced tab, at the bottom select 'reset' select the box 'delete personal settings' then hit ok.

Windows internet explorer message-cannot find file:///' make sure the path or internet address is correct?