When youre on a diet, it is okay to spulrge once in a while?

Answer No, in fact I recommend it. But you should only splurge when you PLAN to splurge, so you feel like you're in control. You feel horrible about yourself because you "gave in" to temptation and ended ... Read More »

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Is it okay to eat something unhealthy once a week while you lose weight?

Your absolutely fine! The only things unhealthy on that list btw is the chocolate and cupcake. You must be really skinny. :) Just once or twice a week won't makea BIT of difference! Just not more t... Read More »

I brush my teeth once a day, while wearing braces, is this okay?

Maintaining good oral hygeine is really imporant especially when you have braces. Reasons why it is important-brushing & flossing promotes healthy & strong teeth/gums. Braces help to straighten you... Read More »

When someone has a stroke once and does nothing to change diet etc, how likely is it...?

It is important that your father quits smoking ASAP, smoking can indirectly cause a raise in blood pressure and of course as you know raises the chances of stroke / heart attack. Around a quarter o... Read More »

Every once in a while, when I close Internet Explorer...?

Hey,dear~~I think you should get rid of IE. My friends alway ask me to fix their crazy IE.But, I tell them IE is not good to use. IE is unstable, error prone, and insecure.U may often see IE crash ... Read More »