When your typing how many fingers do you use?

Answer I use all ten fingers as I was taught to touch type & audio type at school before computers. It's like riding a bike once you learn and just comes naturally. To learn we started with the f and j ... Read More »

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How many fingers could you get fully in your vagina when you were 13?

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What Fingers Do I Use for One Handed Typing?

Learning to type with one hand is beneficial when you have a busy life, whether at home or work. By using just one hand for typing on the computer, the other hand is free to answer the phone or use... Read More »

How to Change Your Icon When Typing on Skype?

When you are chatting via text with other Skype users, they can see your Skype icon. Depending on your previous choices, this icon may be a small picture of you, one of Skype's default icons or som... Read More »

Do your knuckles bleed when you bend your fingers first thing in the morning?

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