When your pregnant how can you tell if your too small?

Answer to small? what do you mean to small. do you mean to have the baby or not big enough weight wise for a healthy pregnancy? because i am 4''11 and 92 pounds and i pushed out an 8 pound baby. Answer I... Read More »

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What if you are small and get pregnant?

How Can I Tell If My Small Dog Is Pregnant?

Signs of pregnancy in small dogs are essentially the same as with large- and medium-sized dogs. All dogs have a gestation period of approximately 63 days, though there can be some individual varian... Read More »

Would it be possible to be pregnant even in a small amount of sperm?

yes you can Sorry to say this but yes it only take a little bit, there are alot of tho little fellow in that one little bit of sperm racing to your egg or eggs (eggs which i mean maybe twin) Answer... Read More »

Can you still pick up your other small child when you are pregnant?

Answer You can do whatever is comfortable to you. You should still be able to pick up children while pregnant. Towards the end it may be difficult or even impossible with your belly sticking out,... Read More »