When your online?

Answer Movies, music, pc apps on torrent sites for free. Plus porno sites and downloading crack entry pass to porn sites.

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When you get online do you check your email or your questions on here first?

E-mail first, then Answers. Sometimes lose track of time if going to work that day, so need to hustle then. Easy to get lost here and forget what you have to do in 'real' life.

When shopping online, what are your concerns regarding the security of your personal Information?

Your major concerns are Phisers and Key-loggers which will record your account information and send it back to someone else. Here are two precautions you can take; 1) Download a master-password pr... Read More »

On facebook when it saids your online does it mean your on facebook or just the internet in general?

Is it necessary to calibrate your monitor when ordering prints online?

It's not necessary, but it's the only way to ensure consistent results.