When your mom marries someone do you have to sign adoption papers?

Answer Your mother getting married is not the same as adoption. Your status does not change unless there is a formal adoption process, which means your natural father has to agree as well.

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If you adoption someone do you have to sign any papers?

The court will want the name and last known address of the father. They will post a Notice in the local paper where he supposedly lives. If he doesn't respond within the time limit the adoption can... Read More »

Does your son have to sign adoption papers to give up parental rights if he is a minor?

In some circumstances, yes.NOTE: Always contact an attorney in your local area to confirm the Laws in your State and jurisdiction and to obtain legal advice.

If you are currently working with an adoption agency but have signed no papers concerning placing your baby up for adoption can you change your mind at time of birth?

YES! Sign NOTHING. Keep your baby! They cannot take your child until you sign. DON'T SIGN. And while you're at it, don't let them IN the hospital, keep them out, try parenting and don't let anyone ... Read More »

Can you be fostered by your teacher when your 16 if you live with them. and would your biological parent have to sign papers ie find out?

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