When your happy and you know it do you clap your hands?

Answer That is a great question! I guess I do clap my hands when I am happy, hear a good joke or get excited.

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If your happy and you know it do you really have to clap your hands?

How to Clap Your Hands?

Clapping our hands for different reasons can result in a different type of clap depending on the reason we are clapping. One thing for sure is that whenever we clap, it is because we are happy abou... Read More »

If i clap my hands can they die?

no thats dumb and to be honest your not even going to crush them their just going to escape through the gaps of air..think of it like this get a completely flat board or book and lay it on a flat s... Read More »

Who sings"Everybody Clap Your Hands"?

"Everybody Clap Your Hands" is a gospel song performed by Joshua's Troop, found on their JT3 album. DJ Casper's popular dance song "Cha Cha Slide" is often referred to as "Everybody Clap Your Hands... Read More »