When your a baby are you a girl before your a boy?

Answer yes

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When Can You Find Out If Your Baby Is A Boy Or A Girl?

In about 12 weeks you find out if your baby is a boy or girl.

What to do if your in a serious relationship with a girl who is pregnant and you know it is not your baby how do you deal with that because it can be so confusing when love is involved?

i think this is probably the same person who i just answered a question for, but ill try my best. being forgiving is the most important thing. One thing that might help you, just close your eyes. T... Read More »

You are 13 and a girl you are absolutely sure you want to be a marine when you grow up and joining comes before your family education and friends is that bad?

We don't anymore. we have brown boots now that when they get dirty we can simply take a brush to them. As for dress shoes we have Corofams. They are already shiny, all we have to do to clean those ... Read More »

How can your boyfriend adopt your baby girl not knowing who the biological father is?

Answer Well if you love each other and know you'll be together for a while and he loves the baby like his own daughter he can. Also you have to agree.