When you were a child?

Answer i wanted to b a nurse bt then i saw blood threw up and fainted its put me off! then i wanted to do speech therapy bt i no gd at biology and cant do it! so im goin in for drama teachin wen i done me... Read More »

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Can you be held responsible for child support when you become an adult for a child you fathered when you were 15?

Answer Yes.In cases where the court applies arrearages it will usually be from the time the minor reaches 17 with the actual support payments begining at the age of 18.Parentage must be establishe... Read More »

If you fathered a child when you were a minor do you still have to pay child support?

AnswerIn most cases in the US, a minor is not liable for paying child support until he or she reaches the legal age of majority.The rare exception is if the underage person has an income source whi... Read More »

As an adult can you sue your mother for child abuse that occurred when you were a child which was never reported?

AnswerGoing to the trouble of suing for past parental actions is not going to be a positive move toward your own mental health. Even if you had a positive outcome, it would not be enough repayment ... Read More »

If the father of your child is an illegal immigrant and abandoned you when you were pregnant can he obtain vistation rights to his child in Virginia?

Answer This is an extremely complexed issue, in that federal authorities have jurisdiction over immigration issues and state's establish domestic relation laws such as the custodial and/or visita... Read More »