When you wash off a piece of fruit, like an apple, do you use soap or just water?

Answer Good question! I always worry I don't wash everything off. Martha Stewart says to just use water, but you can use antimicrobial produce wash. There is some controversy over it. check out this w... Read More »

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Is there something other to use to wash store bought fruit, besides just water rinse,?

They sell produce cleaner at the grocery store. I saw it there the other day near the dish soap. I have never used it, but you might want to check it out. Or you can make your own with vinegar. Lin... Read More »

Is it ok to wash a laptop screen with soap and water?

food market franchise "shop-rite" carries a box of computer screen wipes called -nice'n clean-. good for LCD too. $1.99 a box of 30. do half the screen at a time. gently use the damp wipe first an... Read More »

What is wrong with my dishwasher when the Dishwasher soap dispenser open but soap not disolved after wash cycle?

I used to have this problem but solved it by using tablets instead of powder - problem gone!

Does blood die if you wash it off with hot water and antibacterial soap?