When you wash off a piece of fruit, like an apple, do you use soap or just water?

Answer Good question! I always worry I don't wash everything off. Martha Stewart says to just use water, but you can use antimicrobial produce wash. There is some controversy over it. check out this w... Read More »

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Does blood die if you wash it off with hot water and antibacterial soap?

Is it ok to wash a laptop screen with soap and water?

food market franchise "shop-rite" carries a box of computer screen wipes called -nice'n clean-. good for LCD too. $1.99 a box of 30. do half the screen at a time. gently use the damp wipe first an... Read More »

Help me settle an argument. Is it ok to wash your coffee pot with dish soap and water?

You are right. There is nothing special about the coffee pot that makes it unable to be washed with regular dish soap and water.You clean the coffee maker with vinegar because you can't reach insi... Read More »

Is there something other to use to wash store bought fruit, besides just water rinse,?

They sell produce cleaner at the grocery store. I saw it there the other day near the dish soap. I have never used it, but you might want to check it out. Or you can make your own with vinegar. Lin... Read More »