When you wash a down comforter does it lose some of it's warmth?

Answer ~~No it won't make it any less warm. I wash mine and it's imperative you put clean tennis balls (2 to 3) in the dryer with the comforter. It keeps all the feathers fluffy and you won't get any bunc... Read More »

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How do i wash my down comforter?

Washing any large comforter can be tricky. The bulk of a comforter can make it difficult to wash in a typical washing machine. In addition, if you happen to own a down comforter washing it can seem... Read More »

How do I wash and dry my queen comforter?

Laundromat's DO have large machines for oversize items. As far as the temperature is concerned the dryer is what will kill things. Let it stay in the dryer for a half hour which will undoubtedly be... Read More »

How do I wash a feather down comforter?

Use Extra-Large Capacity WasherUse an extra-large capacity washer to wash a feather down comforter. If a feather down comforter fails to fit in a home washer, utilize an oversized washer at a laund... Read More »

How to Wash a Polyester Comforter?

Polyester is a durable fabric that washes well in warm water, but the size of your comforter may not fit well into your home washing machine. Taking a large comforter to the dry cleaners can be exp... Read More »