When you want to mash potatos, do you boil them or do you bake them?

Answer first i peel them, quarter them and then boil them and when you mash them put in milk and butter, if you want to get creative try adding creme of mushroom soup or some other creme soup it turns out... Read More »

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Seriously: How long should one boil small whole potatoes until they are mash-ready?

it should only take like a half hour or so once the water is at a rapid boil. you can test them by trying to pick them up with a fork and if they pretty much just fall right back off they are done.... Read More »

Which meal sounds better T-Bone staeck with mash poatoes or pork chops with mash poatoes?

T-bone steak with mashed potatoes are my favorite.

How do you take your potatos for breakfast?

Yum! Hashbrowns. Crispy on the outside, tender inside. Or have you ever had a chessy hashbrown casserole? Ok, now I'm hungry!

Mashed Potatos vs. White Rice?

If the potatoes are real (not instant) they are probably better. Brown rice is better for you.