When you want to mash potatos, do you boil them or do you bake them?

Answer first i peel them, quarter them and then boil them and when you mash them put in milk and butter, if you want to get creative try adding creme of mushroom soup or some other creme soup it turns out... Read More »

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When can I cut my roses I have a fewbuds just beginning to open up. I want to cut them and enjoy them?

Proper rose care is never "nonsense". Enjoying the beautiful flowers during the spring and summer and then pruning out the dead limbs at fall is all thats needed. Cut on the diagonal as soon as yo... Read More »

When you really want to make your kids behave, do you threaten to ground them, or friend them on facebook?

I threaten to quit my job and go to school with them.And I tell them that I WILL answer questions in class and make comments.

I bought a pair a flats i want 2 wear them but i also want 2 be able 2 return them.?

Ok Blanche make sure you also can re attach the tags and just use packing tape to keep the bottoms clean. Blanche was a character in the golden girls, she often wore and took back clothing.

When I refrigerate pudding cups, then take them out of the fridge and keep them out, can i still eat them?

Yes, that's fine. They aren't going to become poisonous by being chilled.