When you want to install more memory onto your Pc ?

Answer Take it to the geek squad, they'll sure rip you off.

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How to Install Memory Chips Onto the Memory Board?

Random access memory (RAM) is the circuitry that computers use for second-to-second storage, access and work space to process information and execute programs. This RAM comes in chip form on light,... Read More »

How to Install More Memory in Windows XP?

Installing more memory in Windows XP is a helpful way to improve the performance of your computer. Laptops and desktops alike are designed for simple memory upgrades, although you must take care to... Read More »

HELP! How do you move pictures from your computer onto a memory card so you can see them on your camera?

I'm supposing you use a Windows PC.All you have to do is insert the flash card in a card reader, mine are external USB connected to my Macs. Open your photo browser or just go to the picture files ... Read More »

Would it be better to have a professional install more memory in my pc?

I totally understand being nervous about it. If you have never opened up your pc case and can afford to have it done by a professional, then I suggest you go to the professional. I will tell you ... Read More »