When you want to install more memory onto your Pc ?

Answer Take it to the geek squad, they'll sure rip you off.

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How to Install Memory Chips Onto the Memory Board?

Random access memory (RAM) is the circuitry that computers use for second-to-second storage, access and work space to process information and execute programs. This RAM comes in chip form on light,... Read More »

How to Install Memory in a Mac G5?

Installing additional memory in your Macintosh G5 computer will not take long to do. It is extremely important when planning this, however, that you purchase the correct kind of RAM. While the G5 u... Read More »

How to Install More Memory in Windows XP?

Installing more memory in Windows XP is a helpful way to improve the performance of your computer. Laptops and desktops alike are designed for simple memory upgrades, although you must take care to... Read More »

How do I install memory sticks?

Open the door to the device's Memory Stick slot if applicable; oftentimes this door is the same as the battery bay door, but other times the Memory Stick has its own unique port. Position the conne... Read More »