When you wake up with a kink in your neck from sleeping the wrong way, should you use heat or ice to help?

Answer Tylenol is for acute pain. Ibuprofin is for muscle aches, like you have.What works for me is: Sit up on the side of your bed, feet on the floor. Take your left arm, reach over your head, grabbin... Read More »

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How to get a kink out of neck.. Help! I'm in so much pain!):?

The muscles in your neck tightened up to cause the kink to happen. Freeing up your neck muscles will release the tight ones causing the problem and here's how to free them up:Neck:Place your hands... Read More »

Can a kink in your neck make your shoulders crooked?

Maybe... You might wanna ask a doctor about that.

How to Prank Someone While They're Sleeping and Not Wake Him/Her Up?

Trying to prank your annoying sibling? Want to prank a best friend just for good laughs? Are you bored and at the end at your rope with your old pranks? Well, you've come to the right place! This a... Read More »

Should you wake a sleeping baby?

On One Hand: Sleeping Newborns Shouldn't Be WokenWhen a baby is first born it makes little sense to disturb them when they are sleeping. Newborns do not have a sense of night and day and require ab... Read More »