When you use cheese as a fertilizer does it need to be melted?

Answer It does not have to be, it could be just broken up. If you did melt it down you could dilute it with water or some other fertilizer and it could be distributed more evenly.

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Does grilled cheese with non-melted cheese taste the same as with melted cheese?

Two entirely different things to me. Perfectly melted, gooey cheese is a must for my grilled cheese sandwiches.

I'm a first time p-patch participant. Does the soil already have fertilizer or do I need to use fertilizer?

Topsoil has some fertilizer already in it but it doesn't hurt to enrich it. Miracle grow moisture control (keeps the soil moist so you don't have to water as much) and potting soil has plant food i... Read More »

Can I eat melted cheese with spacers?

Yeah it'll be fine! :) the first meal I had right after I got my spacers was macoroni and cheese. So yes! Melted cheese is fine because the substance isn't sticky and even if it is slightly sticky,... Read More »

How to Make Veggie and Melted Cheese Wraps?

Veggie wraps are a great way to fill up when you're on the go. Also, they are filled with little fat and low on calories, not to mention tons of vitamins. Adding cheese makes this dish more satisfy... Read More »