When you urinate do you lose vitimins?

Answer Yes, your kidneys filter out everything in your blood and then pull back in things they needs. Everything leftover is urine. Your kidneys are unable to reabsorb everything, especially vitamins at h... Read More »

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How often is too often to urinate?

Polyuria is difficult to determine because it can be different for everyone. In a 24 hour period, urinating about 6 times is the average. However, over hydrating, intake of caffeine, and even some ... Read More »

What does it mean when I urinate often?

It may be a sign of Diabetes, I asked a a friend of mine who has it, what were his first signs of it, he said he would have to go often.

I urinate at least once an hour?

That's far too often for someone your age - so get it checked by the doctor. It could be diabetes, but it could also be an enlarged prostate, and that is a cancer risk and should be checked quickly.

How to Urinate Outside Discreetly?

Any where, any timeBy no means is anyone blessed with a bladder than can handle several drinks. Unfortunately, for everyone the urge to urinate can come at difficult times and there is not always a... Read More »