When you urinate do you lose vitimins?

Answer Yes, your kidneys filter out everything in your blood and then pull back in things they needs. Everything leftover is urine. Your kidneys are unable to reabsorb everything, especially vitamins at h... Read More »

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How to Urinate when on an Automobile Trip?

Tired of stopping at rest areas or public restrooms when you need to pee while on a road trip? Forget it! There are two main methods of non-restroom urination while on a road trip... Inside the Veh... Read More »

Why does one urinate when one drinks alcohol?

Urinate?I never have. No wonder my belly keeps getting bigger and bigger.I just thought I was pregnant from Yahoo! screwing me.

Is it normal to urinate a lot when you're pregnant?

Frequent urination is a common symptom during pregnancy.

What does it mean when I urinate often?

It may be a sign of Diabetes, I asked a a friend of mine who has it, what were his first signs of it, he said he would have to go often.