When you update your iPad 2 will it save all your movies?

Answer Your iPad 2 will be backed up to your computer when you update the operating system, including all the content.

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Can you update your iPhone and save my music?

When in the voice control mode (blue screen), you can make the volume higher with the volume rocker switch on the side of the phone. The voice control volume is separate from the rest of the system... Read More »

Will it save lots of money if you turn the refrigerator off when you leave your apt for the winter?

Answer Yes, When you don't need to use your refrigerator for a long period of time, like through the winter it will definently save you money, cost wise on how much it will save you also depends on... Read More »

Why did your video not save on iPad 2?

If you update your ipod will you lose all your songs?

no at least not when you are updating the ipod touch to the 2.2