When you type, which thumb do you use on the space bar?

Answer Im left handed and it usually is the right thumb. Although depending if the right hand is controlling the cursors/backspace/etc, sometimes the left. Hmmmm... Now im thinking about it too much

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What is the name of the space of the NASA space station which had their mission dealaye due to bad weather?

It isn't a NASA space station but the International Space Station or the ISS

What are all the types of asthma and which type is the worst and most risky and which type is non-risky?

Answer There is mild asthma right through to severely uncontrolled asthma. Asthma comes in 5 stages. Stages 1-2 are controlled asthma and stage 4-5 are severe asthma needing extra preventitive trea... Read More »

When you double space, do you press the space bar twice after a period?

"Double spacing" refers to the space between lines, not the spaces after sentences. There are two better ways to double space than to put in extra blank lines:1. Select the paragraphs you want to d... Read More »

Why does a space shuttle move in space when there is no gravity?