When you trim a palm tree what is it called?

Answer A circumcised palm.

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How to Trim a Palm Tree?

The palm tree is a species of mostly tropical plants in the family Palmae. Palm trees are distinct for their branchless stems and fan-like arrangement of green compound leaves. There are more than ... Read More »

How do I trim yellow leaves off of a potted palm tree?

PreparationExercise caution. Palm tree leaves can be sharp, and some potted palms have prickles or spines. Wear gloves and long sleeves. Disinfect your tools. Plant diseases travel readily from an ... Read More »

Why is it called a cat palm tree?

The "cat palm" plant also is known as the "cataract palm" or the "cascade palm." It originated in southeastern Mexico and needs warm, very moist conditions to grow.IdentificationThe names "cat palm... Read More »

What are leaves on a palm tree called?

The leaves of a palm tree are called palm leaves, according to the Sun Palm Trees website. Palm trees are divided into two major groups, those with fan-shaped leaves (palmate-leaved) and those with... Read More »