When you take out Student Loans, are you suppose to directly get the money?

Answer You are correct. Student loans go straight to the school to pay for your tuition, books, etc.Is there such a thing as you never seeing the money? Certainly. It is entirely possible that you woul... Read More »

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What about people who have student loans and didnt recieve there tax money because of money owed?

what about it? you agreed to pay back the govt for the loans and now they are keeping it as repayment. this helps you, now you owe them a little bit less

How much money can one borrow for student loans?

The maximum amount of federal student loans, including undergraduate and professional graduates, is $138,000, including subsidized (need based) and unsubsidized (non-need based) loans. Certain hea... Read More »

Is money from student loans considered an asset in bankruptcy?

Since student loans are debts, distributions are not considered assets or income in bankruptcy, according to Legal Helpers. You cannot discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy without a considerab... Read More »

Student loans. Do you think some kids thinkk it's free money?

I think it is one of those things where they just don't really think aboutthis is the generation that will speed, driving 100 miles an hour & then be shocked when they get pulled over & then try to... Read More »