Why do we roll our eyes back when blink or sleep?

Answer i think its so that our eyes can get cleaned...when we are awake there are so many bacterias and stuff that get on our eyes and it makes them dirty...its kinda like blinkin, but for numerous hours.... Read More »

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Why do my baby's eyes roll back after shaking her head?

You really aren't supposed to shake a baby's head. The reason she does that is because her brain jiggles around in her skull!

Why do you close your eyes when you sleep?

Dude, How do you sleep when you open your eyes then???

Why does your head ache when you get too much sleep?

I used to sleep more than 8 hours but i feel fine when i get up but sometimes i have headache if i sleep more than 10 hours and find myself thirsty so i go to the kitchen and drink water.

If you sleep with your head under your pillow, will the Tooth Fairy come at night and take all your teeth?