When you see gas bubbling up out of a swamp what is in the water?

Answer Organic matter (mainly/mostly dead plants).

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How to Make Swamp Water Juice?

Swamp water is a classic drink little boys like to make. They love mixing weird stuff together, and you don't need that much to make swamp water.

How to Lower the Water Temperature of a Swamp Cooler?

A swamp cooler, or evaporative cooler, uses evaporation to cool air and redistribute the cooler air into the surrounding area. Swamp coolers bring air into the unit and pull the air through a set o... Read More »

Have water hammer dishwasher draining out air gap and toilet bubbling when shower is running Is this a result of a common problem or multiple problems The house is brand new 1 month old?

I beleve mine blew do to a lose power connectionn at the circuit board. These are the press on connections.

What can I plant in an area of my garden that is receiving underground water and is always a muddy swamp?

Hostas usually do well in wet conditions. Any "Bog plants" or "Marginal plants will do well in that area.…http://... Read More »