When you restrict someone on facebook?

Answer correct, they cannot see your wall postsand switching to timeline doesnt change the privacy for any of your old posts

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When you restrict someone on facebook, will they know that you have restricted them?

Only if they try to contact you. Otherwise, no they will not.

How can I be notified when someone likes my pic on facebook?

Log into facebook.Open your facebook account settings.then click notifications tab on the left side listed.Enable Email and text messaging in that to get notified in your email and your mobile.

How do you feel when someone rejects you on facebook..................?

I feel awful, it depresses me when they reject me, i feel, well, rejected.He probably doesnt want you on because, he doesnt want you to see certain things, you know?hes afraid you might embarrass h... Read More »

What is the meaning when someone 'pokes' you in Facebook?

This means that they are doing Acupressure on you (see source).