When you restore your iphone completely, with it undo the unlocking?

Answer If it's a software unlock then yes you will lose he unlock when restoring or updating the firmware. If it's factory unlocked then no you will not lose unlock under any circumstance. I believe in yo... Read More »

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Can you undo a total system restore?

Microsoft Windows allows the option to restore your system to a previous configuration by periodically saving "restore points." When a user launches a system restore, a new restore point is created... Read More »

When i click restore on itunes it says that its preparing iPhone for restore but then i get an error 1603 msg why is my iPhone is stuck at connect iPhone to itunes screen?

Firmware is the name given to the set of programs that are an integral part of the operation of a computer's hardware. They enable to hardware to function properly and allow software to run on the ... Read More »

How do you use apps after unlocking iPhone 4s?

Once you unlock your iPhone, you have two places to get apps instead of just one: The App Store: Just as before, you can download and install apps from the App Store and use them as normal.Cydia: C... Read More »

Does unlocking a iPhone 4 effect it?

Tap your Setting Icon on your home screen. Once in setting, tap Sounds. Ringtone will be the 4th option from the top.