When you remove warts do they grow back?

Answer Common warts and plantar warts (warts on the feet) are caused by the human papillomavirus. According to the Mayo Clinic, even if you successfully remove the wart on the surface, the virus may remai... Read More »

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Why do eyelashes fall out and do they grow back?

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If You Cut the Green Tops Off of Onions, Will They Grow Back?

Immature onions, or green onions, are often used in salads, casseroles and soups. The onion bulbs have a mild, sweet flavor, while the greens add color and crunch. The greens grow back if cut, but ... Read More »

If you break your teeth will it grow back or can they fix it?

Generally a broken tooth can be repaired.

Once wisdom teeth are removed can they ever grow back?

Not generally. Every time someone makes a definitive statement about something like that, someone will come along who disproves it so it generally isn?t a good idea to say what can and what can't h... Read More »