When you receive a disability buyout is it taxable?

Answer This would depend on the type of Injury payout the above question is about you could have some taxable amount and some nontaxable amounts involved in the payout amount. The items below would be add... Read More »

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Can you receive private disability payments and also receive social security disability payments?

The broad answer to the question is Yes. However, whether both categories of benefits are payable in a particular situation will depend upon whether the applicant is found to be "totally disabled" ... Read More »

When can I apply for Medicaid when I already receive disability?

If you already receive Supplemental Security Insurance, otherwise known as SSI, then you may qualify for Medicaid benefits. To apply, you must contact your local welfare office or Department of Hum... Read More »

Can you receive an expense account when on long term disability?

Can a person receive disability insurance benefits when they are unemployed?

AnswerThere's always unemployment insurance. For CA see the link below.If the query is in regards to Social Security Disability benefits, all necessary information concerning eligibility and filing... Read More »