When you purchase the SD card for a Digital Camera?

Answer I've got a Sony Cyber Shot and a Kodak C183 and all i did was stick the card in

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I want to purchase a camera but i am confused whether to purchase a digital or slr roll camera?

Digital camera's are becoming better all the time, however you will never beat the beautiful clarity of an slr. Try an Olympus, Canon or a Nikon, to get the best out of your photo's though find ou... Read More »

I bought a Canon EOS SLR camera over 20 yrs ago and you would like to update it to a digital one any recommendations as to what digital camera one can purchase that is comprable or better?

Obviously depends on quality of the pictures, but you should get about 300-500.

When the Nikon digital camera says file contains no image data do I need a new memory card or is it the camera?

Try re-formatting the card in the camera. Consult your manual. Note: this will erase any images on the card.

Why do people purchase digital camera?

1. You can shoot many many more photographs and then select whyich to print. No development or peering at negatives (with the colors inverted...).2. Learn fast because the quick feedback - the ab... Read More »