When you open a bag of chips, how much do you eat?

Answer I think it's normal, yes. Sometimes I do that when I'm feeling stressed or bummed out too. When I'm not feeling that way, I try to actually measure out a serving or two, and put the bag away. Don'... Read More »

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How much do poker chips cost?

Tournament poker chips for home games are made from composite or plastic material. High end poker chips used at many Las Vegas casino's are made from clay. Depending on the weight and material of t... Read More »

Corn Chips Potato Chips Or Popcorn Which do you prefer?

popcorn, but it depends which kind and what brand

When I try to open my local drives. It;s asking "Choose the program you want to use to open this file"?

i had the same sh*t and it wasnt a virus a friend came to my office and fixed but i couldn't see how he do it... but it was in regedit he said no virus

When I Open Firefox, Multiple Windows Open All to My Homepage?

The Mozilla Firefox browser provides a number of standard and advanced features dedicated to delivering an efficient Web surfing experience. For example, Firefox allows you to set a single website ... Read More »