When you open a bag of chips, how much do you eat?

Answer I think it's normal, yes. Sometimes I do that when I'm feeling stressed or bummed out too. When I'm not feeling that way, I try to actually measure out a serving or two, and put the bag away. Don'... Read More »

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Corn Chips Potato Chips Or Popcorn Which do you prefer?

popcorn, but it depends which kind and what brand

Pie n chips or fish n chips?

Sandwich with Potato Chips Sandwich with Tortilla Chips Or Sandwich with Popcorn?

I prefer a samich with bbq tator chips please. and a refreshing soft drink to wash it all down. nice light lunch.

My front right door doesn't open. Does it have to open for me to pass the Missouri Safety inspection?

As long as it opens and you can close it, it should pass.