When you need to use metal halide conversion bulb?

Answer When you want to use a MH bulb in an HPS ballast you must use a conversion bulb. It must be the same wattage as the HPS bulb

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Will a metal halide bulb work with a mercury vapor light?

A metal halide bulb will not work with a mercury vapor light because their ballasts, or materials that regulate electrical current, are different. Metal halide bulbs contain metal halide additives,... Read More »

I was replacing a light bulb, when the bulb blew off the metal top,which is stuck in the socket. Now what?

Cut off the power and use needle-nose plyers.Spray the new bulb's metal part with wd-40 for easy removal next time.

What is metal halide?

Metal halide is a type of white light that is classified in the high-intensity discharge, or HID, family. It is well known for high light output compared to its compact size.CharacteristicsMetal ha... Read More »

Are metal halide lights dangerous?

On One Hand: Light of your lifeMany consumers are switching to metal halide bulbs, which can last nearly ten times longer than traditional incandescent lights. That means fewer times you have to cl... Read More »