When you look up a musician on Wikipedia, what does "years active" mean?

Answer "Period(s) during which the act was or has been active. Only calendar year ranges or a single calendar year should be listed; for example, do not distinguish between the period Paul McCartney was i... Read More »

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What Does It Mean When a Domain Name Becomes Active?

Domain names are hierarchical, human-readable names used to identify groups of Internet services, such as websites. They must be translated into Internet Protocol, or IP, addresses in order to be m... Read More »

On wikipedia, what does it mean when. . . .?

It's probably nothing. The prefix ".hack//" doesn't indicate anything special in the software, and in fact can even be a valid page name.It looks like it's part of a series called ".hack" (see also... Read More »

What does it mean on wikipedia when they put words in red?

When it's blue, it means it's a link and there's an article on it.However when it's red, it's still a link but there's no article on that topic yet.

When a Wikipedia editor says "This is an RS", what does that mean?

According to the Glossary, you are right:… .