When you kiss someone with braces do you feel them?

Answer yes they'll feel them, but it doesnt have to ruin the moment, just be careful. If you get too wild/careless then yes it's going to hurt them, if they get to wild or careless they will hurt themselv... Read More »

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How to Kiss With Braces?

Learning how to kiss can be simple enough, but things get a little more complicated when braces get involved. Here's what you need to know to make things go smoothly.

Would you kiss someone with braces?

LoL that is weird. I probably would though I'd be nervous about it. Braces are kind of creepy. *No offense*

Guys:How do you feel when you kiss a girl?

if i like is a really strong awesome feeling that we want to last forever but as guys we try to be all cool and act like it was nothing...but on the inside we've melted into a jello like mess.

What do braces feel like ?

While they are putting them on it can be kind of painful, not a Big pain, more of a tightening and uncomfortable pressure pain. When that is done it takes some getting used to, like you can get you... Read More »