When you invite guests over for dinner, do you expect them to help clean up?

Answer NO

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If you were hosting a dinner party, which 6 guests would you invite and why?

1. Antonio Banderas, as my eye candy2. Bill Gates, to make friends with the richest guy in the world3. Pervez Musharraf to learn how he has changed the fate of Pakistan4. Mariah Carey to sing and e... Read More »

Your having a dinner party and could invite as many people from the past or present. Who would you invite?

Cleopatra,Thomas Jefferson (both slave owners)Harriet TubmanMartin Luther King (all at one table)Marilyn Monroe,Bobby and John F KennedyEthel and Jackie Kennedy (Put them all at one table)Napolean... Read More »

Can you invite guests to a reception without inviting them to the wedding?

It is not unusual to have a small wedding ceremony with only close family members, and then have a larger reception which includes all of a couple's family and friends. However, it is not acceptabl... Read More »

Do the senate president and the house speaker invite guests to the state of the union address?

President Obama will deliver his second State of the Union address to a joint session of congress on Wednesday, January 27th (9pm EST).