When you have a tooth extracted, why does it feel like it's being pushed on?

Answer When a tooth is going to be extracted, it will come out easier if it is first pushed into the socket hard because that will expand the bone surrounding the tooth/roots. This will give the tooth mor... Read More »

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Is it normal after a tooth extraction to have the tooth beside the extracted one become sore?

Answer It is very common, so don't worry the whole area is just sore , if it persists after the extraction site has healed see your dentist. good luck Answer It is very common, so don't worry the... Read More »

Is there any way to remove half of a tooth stuck inside the gum after a wisdom tooth pushed out the other half?

Answer i think visiting a dentist would be your best bet!

What if tooth is not extracted?

The dentist usually advices extraction if there is infection associated with the tooth that is dangerous for oral cavity or if the tooth has periodontal problem and it cannot be saved or if the too... Read More »

Age 21 and having a tooth extracted! SO SCARED?

I had one of my molars in the back left side of my mouth taken out and it won't hurt. They numb your mouth so you won't feel a thing. Just relax and don't make your self worry and think its going t... Read More »