When you have a bloddy nose, do u?

Answer dont tilt your head back, first of all. all the blood then drains into your stomach...not a pretty sight. pinch your nose to allow for clotting, or put a tampon in there. i know it sounds gross,... Read More »

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Im getting bloddy nose on one side almost everyday now. Whats wrong?

There are several reasons why you would get a nosebleed as mentioned by other answerers. However, one possibility is cancer of the nasopharynx or sinus. Go get seen by a doctor ASAP. Hopefully i... Read More »

Nose piercing jewelry sinking into nose Should I have it removed?

Take it from a piercer, remove it, or get a stud with a larger head and longer post. Your body is not rejecting it, the hole is getting bigger and the stud is sinking into the hole. The puss is fro... Read More »

Do you have fever and a runny nose when your pregnant?

Quite a few people have that as one of their symptoms

When you have a bloody nose do you need a humidifier or dehumidifier?

On One Hand: Humidifiers Can Prevent DrynessAccording to the Mayo Clinic, using a humidifier to increase the moisture in a room or area can help prevent bloody noses from occurring due to dry sinus... Read More »