When you have Yellow urine, what does it mean?

Answer You are a little bit dehydrated. but nothing to worry about. Unless it's too dark which means you are very dehydrated.

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Why is my urine bright yellow?

Yes, it is the Vitamin B. Water soluble, what your body doesn't use comes out bright yellow!

Is urine yellow on Atkins?

Urine gets its color from its concentration or dilution; watery urine is near-clear, while urine heavy in other components can turn dark yellow, bright yellow, and even green or orange, according t... Read More »

What does it mean if urine is bright yellow?

Answer I have experienced very bright and/or dark yellow urine after taking vitamins. Some vitamins are more likely to do this than others. I don't know if it's a nutritional thing or a food color ... Read More »

Yellow Urine After Vitamins?

Urochrome is a breakdown product from dead blood cells in the liver, which the kidneys eliminate through urine. Urochrome is the reason urine is normally a pale yellow color. It can be unnerving wh... Read More »