When you hand someone your camera, is it sometimes a scary transition?

Answer Not at all. Just tell them to be carefull with your camera and that if they drop it - they'll pay for it..

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Sometimes when Im falling asleep I lose the ability to move or open my eyes and I hear scary noises around me?

Sleep paralysis! You get used to it until the hallucinations come, a guy standing over your bed, that you don't get used to *shiver*

What is your first impression when you see someone wearing a silver ring on the left hand, fourth finger?

Sometimes when i grab something it feels like a rubber band snaps in my wrist & my hand goes numb for a minute?

I know what mine is from but you being a girl and all that I doubt if it is because of the same reason....I did it once.... I was cutting PVC when I was repairing my sprinkler and the angle that I ... Read More »

I have a waterproof camera, sometimes when i put it in water i get tiny water droplets over the lens..?

I doubt any camera is truly waterproof; water resistant possibly but with all the possible openings in it I would expect some ingress sooner or later. It only takes a drop to produce condensation o... Read More »