When you go to the Doctors what do you say?

Answer i usually say hi doctor what can i do for you.

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What do doctors test for when a women has a baby?

Doesn't matter, although she might prefer it if he has the strength to be reasonably active during the act.

What do I have to tell the doctors when I am 14 and am pregnant?

Nothing. This is a free country and no one can "force" you to say anything you don't want to. However, please realize the a doctor is far more interested in helping you than in causing you problems... Read More »

When doctors say DO NOT REVIVE(d n r ) what exactly do they mean?

DNR - Do Not Recessiate. This is chosen by the patient - not the doctor, when the patient knows that they are in a life-threatening situation, or quite old. It basically means that if they start ... Read More »

When do doctors induce labor when you have gestational diabetes?

It depends on the weight of your baby. If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, your baby's growth will be more closely monitored than if you had a normal pregnancy. The main risk with gesta... Read More »