When you get your feelings hurt dosnt if feel like your heart acuactlly HURTS?

Answer yes - none can escape this including sagesLord said if one slab at one side of your face then show the other side - it still hurt - but one can bring the situation to normal and try to refine the s... Read More »

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When I'm sad, my heart hurts, then I feel like crying!?

That's completely normal. It's called heart ache and it happens to everyone, so don't worry about it.

Something just dosnt feel right?

but hun you had that light period already? remember? like a month ago? that was probably it sweetie. i dont think you can bleed for a couple of days then say you didnt have a period!you should test... Read More »

Could I be pregnant if my last period was about a month and a half to two months ago have cramping my breasts hurt I'm bloated it feels really hard my stomach hurts i feel sick n im tired?

How to Break Up With Someone and Not Hurt Their Feelings?

Here is how to break-up with someone and not hurt their feelings. It can be hard to not hurt someones feelings. But sometimes, breaking-up is the right thing to do if things aren't working out.