When you get up really fast do you ever feel like passing out?

Answer Yes, its basically like a head rush, where a lot of blood gets rushed to your brain. Freaky feeling though lol.

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How to Feel Confident and Not Afraid of Passing a Defender in Soccer?

Getting past defenders in soccer is one of the most essential skill. One need not have to do complicated tricks to beat a defender, quick change in speed and direction will do the job!

Four of my wisdom teeth are impacted and needed to be removed next month. I feel like passing out already?

You started on dec30 and had unprotected sex on jan12 you work three am to three pm when you get to work lately you feel like you need to vomit but never do you had somewhat of a passing out spell?

Answer You could be pregnant, it depends on how many days long your cycle is. i started my period Dec 29th, and ovulated on the 8th and got pregnant. I have short 24 day cycles. So if your cycle i... Read More »

Since morning my heart has been beating unnormaly fast. aT 128... im 16 and i feel warm and dizzy whats wrong?

OK dont listen to any of these fools!!!!OK... Ventricular tachycardia... is way out of what you have dont worry...If you have a fever your pulse rate increases which is normal....You do not need an... Read More »