When you get a virus, does it say where it came from, like what website?

Answer Of course notyou are even lucky if you detect it

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Can you get a virus just by going to a website?

Don't type any passwords or E-Mail addresses. Yes, there are a LOT of Virus websites. they are called JDB (Acronym for Java Drive By) What it does is ask you to download a plugin for a video or ele... Read More »

Can going on a website give you a virus?

If you don't have any spyware programs, I would download Spybot S&D just to be safe, run a search for spyware that might have been put onto your computer.As for viruses, you probably didn't get one... Read More »

What's the best non-virus porn website?

I've had good results with,, and

How to Check a Website for a Virus?

While websites are designed to be safe, a website that exploits security flaws in your browser may be able to infect your computer with a virus or malicious software. You can help protect against v... Read More »