When you get a microphone do you have to install it?

Answer I disagree with some answers above. Just plug in the microphone to your soundcard - the (usually pink) slot next to where you attach headphones or speakers. If you have a relatively new Windows OS ... Read More »

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How to Install a Logitech Microphone?

Using a microphone on your computer allows you to complete tasks such as recording audio and having voice chats. Some Logitech microphones are standalone products, whereas others are a part of a he... Read More »

How to Install a Gigaware Microphone?

Gigaware USB desktop microphones are designed to be used with computers and laptops. Although some computers feature a built-in mic, an external mic picks up more sound. That makes it a better opti... Read More »

How do I install a headset microphone for Vista?

Plug the USB cable for the headset into one of the USB ports on your computer. USB headset microphones are common. Some types of headset microphones that will have red and green audio cables. You w... Read More »

How to Install the "Guitar Hero" Microphone?

"Guitar Hero" is a music game that allows two or more players to form a virtual band and play a wide selection of songs from both popular or not-so-popular artists. Each installment of "Guitar Hero... Read More »