When you finger a girl which finger are you supposed to use?

Answer You should use your middle finger first, its longer then the rest so it'll reach deeper. If she can take another one and it doesn't hurt her then use your middle and index. When you finger a girl m... Read More »

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I have a bump on my finger well the side of my finger (the finger next to my pointer finger)?

if it is on your middle then it is because of your pen/pencil it shows you wright a lot and intelligence

How can I fix my ringer finger which in the middle of the finger the bone is sticking out?

Eww. I'm going to guess you didn't get it treated and is currently causing discomfort... You should go to a doctor and get it fixed because if you do anything yourself you might do more serious dam... Read More »

I had trigger finger surg on my middle finger. when I went to get my stitches out the Dr informed me that I ha?

How am I supposed to finger out where my cell phone is?

Fingering your cell phone? Sounds like a pic, girl!