When you feel down, what do you do to feel better?

Answer I will tell a story. One day a farmer heard a loud shrieking coming from an old abandoned well on his farm. He look down the well and much to his dismay, his trusty, long time pal, Donkey was layin... Read More »

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What song always makes you feel better when you're down?

How to Feel Better when You're Down?

Are you feeling bad about something that's happened recently, or are you just down in the dumps? Well, this article is for you!

If I feel I drank way toooo much, what should I do to make my self feel better?

Every culture and every individual has a hangover cure. There are lots of interesting variations but a few basics are always the same.First of all alcohol makes you pee a lot. In fact you pee out ... Read More »

I feel tried and have a headache beacause of too much aftanoon drinking :). How do i feel better?