When you fast can you eat fish?

Answer I'm pretty sure you can't eat anything when you fast. During Lent, I don't eat meat on Fridays though so I stick with fish.

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When can baby fish be welcomed into a tank with adult fish?

Keep the baby fish in the clear bags they came in when purchased, or mesh bags. Place the bag into the tank for one hour. Make sure the tank has plenty of hiding spots, such as plants and rocks, fo... Read More »

Can I eat fish during the Daniel Fast?

The Daniel Fast is a partial fast based on the Bible's Book of Daniel. Daniel was a prophet known for his interpretation of dreams. There are three accounts of his fasting in the book. Fruits, vege... Read More »

When you order fish and chips, what fish do you order?

Haddock.I've been told (by a fish n chip shop manager) that generally people in the south of UK prefer cod while those further north go for haddock and that in the north cod is regarded as a "dirty... Read More »

When you are pregnant do you always get hot real fast then cold real fast?

Answer Everyone has different symptoms. Even the same person with different pregnancies have different symptoms.