When you drink nyquil 2 tbsp how long does it take to put you to sleep?

Answer Onset of action should be approx 15-30mins due to the antihistamine activity.

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Will Nyquil sleep aid kill me?

You're OK. just don't make it a habit. People take it for several days when they are sick.

Does Nyquil really put you to sleep/help you fall asleep when you're sick?

YES. Take a capfull of NYQUIL, maybe put on your favorite movie, get under the covers, slap your pillow and then zzzzzzzzzzz.It works well especially when you have a cold and are wanting to sleep.

If you had nyquil at 5am and now it's 4pm and you want to drink coffee can you or will your body be confused?

I drink coffee 24/7/365!!! My body is never confused as to whether it is night or day. I go to sleep when the late news comes on and wake up for the 4:30 am news! I rarely need any nyquil.

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