When you double space, do you press the space bar twice after a period?

Answer "Double spacing" refers to the space between lines, not the spaces after sentences. There are two better ways to double space than to put in extra blank lines:1. Select the paragraphs you want to d... Read More »

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What key should i press to make a space between two paragraph?

The key to the right of the quotation marks key. Return key; two times.Best wishes.

How to Double Space?

Many times it is necessary to double space a document you are writing, either for a school assignment, a report, or other specific formats. Double spacing a document is a very simple task and takes... Read More »

How to Double Space on Wordperfect 12?

You can double-space using WordPerfect in several ways. You can set the double spacing before you type the document or you can format double spacing after you are finished. If you only want to form... Read More »