When you do CPR do you have to break the ribs ...I'm suddenly really curious.?

Answer Only if you don't like the person.Coach

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Can your ribs break from being punched?

Yes they can, but there's really nothing to be done about it other than taking it easy. There's no splint or brace you can put on your ribs. It's possible for cracked ribs to do internal damage, bu... Read More »

Suddenly break and accident happens behind?

Relax,I've had this same thing happen to me more than once.You do not have to do anything.You done what any normal driver would have done,braked to keep from hitting someone in the rear.You did not... Read More »

Do babies' ribs break easily?

Yes and no. That is, babies ribs are more flexible than those of an older child or adult. Otherwise, simply being born would break them. They don't typically fracture apart like ours (adults) would... Read More »

How to Make your guests curious about your child’s curious George party?

Kids are very much like little monkeys; they get into mischiefs as soon as they get an opportunity. For these playful tots, nothing can be better than a Curious George Birthday Theme party. Like an... Read More »