When you die what happens to your facebook?

Answer it doesn't go anywhere it stays there and then,thats just it.

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What happens to your Yahoo! or facebook when you die?

I think yahoo becomes inactive if you don't sign in after a certain period. Not sure on facebook.

What happens to a friend request you sent when you deactivate your Facebook?

No, the message gets deleted. The person receiving might receive a friend request, but it will say from "nobody" or something like that, and even if they accept it wont work.

When you die, what happens to your online accounts such as Facebook and Yahoo mail?

It's a very hard question to face. I mean many people, including myself, talk to people just online. What if they died, you would never know.If you are worried about this, the best thing to do, is ... Read More »

What happens when I deactivate my Facebook account?

Yes you can reactivate your account. dont listen to anyone else who tells you you cant reactivate it. yes you can, you can do that by creating another new account. dont do anything to that new acco... Read More »