When you delete your YouTube account?

Answer No he can't

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How to Delete a YouTube Account?

YouTube has hundreds of millions of users from all around the world. Fo whatever reason, you might want to create a new account or just get rid of your old user account all together. Here is a wiki... Read More »

Can you delete a youtube account, but keep the videos?

no unfortunately it isn't. i have been having this problem lately too! i had to make a whole different account and use a different email address.

How to delete a video from my YouTube account!?

Login to first, thengoto: videos will show up.Tick the video you want to delete.In ACTIONS tab, select DELETE

Should I delete my current YouTube account It has 212 subs!?

Think of your friend as the first of many haters. Every good channel has a ton of good stuff, and a couple haters now and then. Stick with it. Try your best.