When you delete something on your computer from the Recycle bin, where does it go?

Answer Most of these answers are in the category of close, but no banana.Technically, what happens in a FAT (file allocation table) or FAT 32 system is that an E5 is written to the first two characters in... Read More »

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If i delete pictures from my computer and empty recycle bin can these pictures be retrieved some how?

Files emptied from the recycle bin can be retrieved. They are intact except the file name is renamed with a ? in the front. With use, you computer may need that hard drive space and will write ov... Read More »

What happens when you delete your recycle bin?

Windows won't allow you to do that because after you delete your recycle bin, it goes into itself and if you empty the recycle bin it goes into a Infinite delete loop that causes your CPU to overlo... Read More »

After you delete something from your recycle bin, where does this information go?

To delete files for good use something like this…It deletes the file and overwrites it. This will make it impossible for people to retrieve, even people li... Read More »

How to Delete iTunes From the Recycle Bin?

When you install iTunes on your computer, you have the option to create desktop shortcuts. If you elected to create the desktop shortcuts, but you have iTunes configured to open automatically when ... Read More »